The Schenk

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The Schenk, gives you the ability to prepare meals using all your favourite cast iron cooking or supplied grill, on a fully adjustable rod.

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What Comes With Your Box!

  • Handcrafted Wannigan camp box
  • 306 food-grade stainless steel grill
  • Steel cooking ring
  • 302 food-grade stainless steel ground rod
  • Steel/stainless steel foot stabilizer for sand and rock applications
  • Stainless steel adjustment tool
  • 2 steel keys
  • J. A. Schenk stickers
  • Instruction manual
  • Please note cast iron cookware not included

Additional information

Weight 34.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 28 × 9.25 in

3 reviews for The Schenk

  1. Chris Lawrence

    This is one of the best items to have when camping. It is so versatile, we love that there is so many configurations to it. This makes endless possibilities for cooking at the campsite. We love it because you can put it in the RV and go. There is nothing better than having that true, cooked over the fire taste. My wife loves to cook with the cast iron dutch oven, this makes it so easy to do.


    – Chris Lawrence

    • Wayne Johnson

      Hi Chris, thanks for reaching out and letting us know how The Schenk has improved your outdoor camping. Like you we used to carry our pans under the sink cupboard in the trailer to be beaten up and getting everything else dirty. Having everything you need in a small portable package was a game changer for my wife when cooking out doors. We found that if it was easy to use, you will find more ways to use it. The taste is just a byproduct of a well cooked outdoor meal. Glad you and your family had a chance to truly taste the outdoors.
      Thanks Wayne

  2. Andrew Peterson

    We bring quite a bit of cast-iron when we go camping. So this has been a great addition to our camping kit. Because the box itself allows us to carry our pans and things like that in it.
    But the Schenk it is absolutely fantastic to have your morning breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked over an open campfire.

    • Wayne Johnson

      Hey Andrew we appreciate you taking the time to write to us. For years we enjoyed taking our cast iron cooking pans with us while outdoor cooking as well, just something we liked about feeling comfortable with your regular cooking skillets away from the house. But as a side note, we found that back in the kitchen the memories we made cooking outdoors were remembered again when we would use them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
      Cheers Wayne.

  3. Jim H

    An awesome piece of kit. Taste takes you back to childhood days. Versatile and durable, this will be a permanent part of our camping trips for years to come.

    • Wayne Johnson

      Hey there. So glad you are able to use it and enjoy that truly outdoor childhood taste. Thanks so much for sharing a piece of your family adventure with us. Cheers Wayne.

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