Taste The Outdoors

Meet THE schenk

Food Grade Cooking surface

- The Schenk is constructed from 306 food-grade stainless steel grade with ¼” weld construction for the strongest longest-lasting lifetime surface and 302 stainless steel ground rod for all-year protection against corrosion

Durable Carrying case

Hand-crafted pine Wannigan camp box used for protecting and carrying The Schenk

Multi Configuration

Prepare meals using your favourite cast iron pots and pans or the supplied grill, on a fully adjustable rod.

Best Way to Cook

When we first started designing ‘the Schenk’, our goal was to create something fun and unique. We wanted to be able to cook over an open fire comfortably and safely, all the while still getting the rich, smoky flavour of natural wood-fired cooking gives.

As we got comfortable cooking over an open fire, we discovered that while everyone around us was concentrated on quickly cooking their meals on a standard barbecue so they could jet off to the next thing, we started to take our time and enjoy creating meals with the Schenk.  Time outside with family friends and great food – that’s what the Schenk is founded on.

Multiple Configurations Possible

What's in the box



  • Handcrafted Wannigan camp box
  • 306 food-grade stainless steel grill
  • Steel cooking ring
  • 302 food-grade stainless steel ground rod
  • Steel/stainless steel foot stabilizer for sand and rock applications
  • Stainless steel adjustment tool
  • 2 steel keys
  • J. A. Schenk stickers
  • Instruction manual

Instant success! I had it together in 20 seconds. Slow cooked a roast made easy to control the heat with simple adjustment of the grill. Had a great week camping used it to cook everything from our morning breakfast to pizza. We were only limited by our imagination. 

- Alaster